Our auction centres


Many people believe that auction centres are only for collector's cars or seized cars!

To change these preconceived ideas, five auctioneers decided to create a national network of public auctions for used vehicles in November 2002.
To open up the world of auctioneering to a wider audience, they have grown the business on the basis of the following five core values: choice, trust, inspection, guarantee and organisation:

Today, Five Auction (fa.fr) is the leading French auction network for private individuals and businesses.


A wide range of 150 to 350 vehicles per auction: vehicles of every brand, from the latest vehicles to unlisted vehicles, touring vehicles, vehicles without license, 4x4s, convertibles, company vehicles, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, agricultural equipment, public works vehicles, material handling vehicles, HGVs, etc. at every price point, for every budget, while fulfilling the expectations of private individuals, businesses, craftsmen and automotive businesses.
The auctions are held at regular intervals (at least two auctions per week in the Five Auction network)


More than 8,000 buyers trusted us in 2018
More than 10,000 vehicles were sold in 2018
Qualified staff that are specialised in the motor trade at your service.
Special equipment: cleaning stations and independent and approved vehicle testing centres.
A computer system specially designed for auctions.


In order to guarantee genuine transparency and enhanced safety for buyers, every vehicle sold at auction systematically undergoes a vehicle safety test (except for the HGVs, two-wheeled vehicles and unroadworthy vehicles).


You can take out a warranty on your vehicle from 6 months to 60 months.
There is also the option to insure your vehicle on the spot so that you can drive the vehicle away with peace of mind.


3 auction centres: Béthune (Nord Enchères), Paris (Parisud) and Saint-Dié-des-Vosges
The vehicles can be viewed on the day of the auction and the day before on a viewing area of more than 80,000 m².
Public auctions held by auctioneers who are authorised to conduct auction sales, professionally liable as qualified staff members and will strive to fulfil the needs of the customers.