Buying at auction


From the auctioneer to the private individual
Five Auction is simple and it's for everyone.

How it works

Each week, our network of auctioneers offers a large number of new vehicles that are available for sale by electronic auction.

From the homepage, you can:

    • Perform a search
    • View the file of the vehicle that interests you:
    • This includes a number of photos as well as the details of the vehicle with its options and equipment, and its vehicle safety test that you can download
    • Print the file and send it to a friend.

Who can bid?

Anyone can bid provided they have registered beforehand
After completing the registration form, you will receive an email confirmation with your access codes. A link is given in order to confirm your registration.

If you are a business, you will be able to fill out all the billing information during registration.

How to bid

You can bid in the following two ways:

  • Either by validating the amount of the proposed bid (manual bids) 
    at any time. A table shows the ranking of your bid and the amount of the new bids on the vehicles you are interested in.
  • Or by notifying FIVE AUCTION of your maximum bid, which is the maximum amount you want to bid. (Automatic bids).

FIVE AUCTION: a great tool for tracking your bids:

  • You receive an email each time you bid
  • You will receive an email every time FIVE AUCTION bids on your behalf within the context of the maximum bid you have specified
  • You will be notified by email as soon as a new bid is placed on a vehicle that interests you

At the end of the auction:

  • You will be notified even if you have not won the auction
  • Naturally, if you acquire the vehicle, you will receive an immediate email notification as well as information on what you need to do next

FIVE AUCTION's services: Insurance, transport, warranties

* see the general and special terms of the warranty

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