Buying at auction


I am a private individual: can I sell my vehicle?

Naturally, private individuals, like businesses, can sell their vehicle at auction.

What are the advantages of selling through an auction?

Selling your vehicle at auction is:

  • Free
  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Secure

Just let us guide you through the process, we will take care of everything!

What are the steps needed to sell my own vehicle?

Nothing could be simpler. You have the following two options:

  • you can either come to one of our Auction Centres, the one closest to you, with your vehicle to make a valuation together
  • or fill in our online valuation form and send us photos

If we agree on the selling price, you just have to drop off your car, sign a sales requisition and... that's it!
We take care of the vehicle safety test (MOT) so that the vehicle is available for sale at the next on-site auction.

It is free for you, the seller, and you will receive payment once the sale is concluded by cheque or bank transfer.

How is the sales price set?

According to the condition of the vehicle and the market price. We will give you advice on the best price at which you will be sure to sell your vehicle.

What if my vehicle does not sell?

If, during the first visit to the auction centre, your car is not sold, you have two options:

  • either you recover your vehicle in exchange for the payment of the vehicle safety test carried out by our services
  • or you can leave the vehicle with us so that it can be entered in the next auction


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