Conditions of purchase

To bid at auction, you must have ID and paid a deposit in case of non-payment.

The payment of vehicles (hammer price increased by the commission and ancillary costs) must be made within no more than 4 days of the sale. After this time, a storage fee will be charged.


The list or catalogue that is made available on our website is incomplete and liable to change until the moment the vehicles and equipment are sold.

Third-party liability insurance

Obligation to take out third-party liability insurance before departure if the vehicle is being driven away.

Option to take out a third-party liability insurance on site before collecting your vehicles from our premises. The auction company and the auctioneer disclaims all liability if the buyer does not have third-party liability insurance.

Reminder: the law requires that you must have the original insurance certificate ("carte verte") in your vehicle before leaving the auction centre.

Buyer fees

The vehicles are sold in Euros, including the applicable rate of VAT. The "buyer fees" and "transfer fees" are added when the lot is sold. These fees are always indicated inclusive of VAT and appear on the sign displayed on the vehicle during the viewings and on the auction lists.

Here are the different fee schedules depending on the Auction Centre concerned:

Béthune - Nord Enchères

Béthune schedule

Sud Paris

    14.40% + €250 inclusive of tax
    Mopeds: 14.40% + €60 inclusive of tax
    Legal fees: 14.40%


    14.40 %: voluntary auction fees
    14.40 %: legal fees


On the day of the auction, before bidding or as soon as the vehicle is pronounced "sold", you will pay a deposit to the auction company.

Payment is in cash, paid either:

    By bank transfer: The vehicle may be collected upon receipt of the funds on our account. Once your transfer has been completed, wait 48 hours and call us before you come.
    By bank card (remember to ask your bank to raise the upper limit of your card).
    By certified cheque drawn up by your bank branch, for the exact amount of your purchase

Intra-EU deliveries: by bank transfer only.

    In cash up to €1,000 including fees for any transaction within the EU and €15,000 for any non-EU transaction. (NB: cash payments are not accepted in every auction centre).

Vehicle delivery

You can drive away with your vehicle as soon as the payment is complete, during opening days and hours, on producing your paid invoice, driving license and insurance.

Storage fees

After a period of four days, you will have to pay storage fees, the amount of which is displayed in the auction centre.


Only for vehicles with reclaimable VAT.

When the vehicle sold is to be exported to a non-EU country, the buyer makes this known as soon as the vehicle has been sold. The buyer must be a foreign resident not domiciled in France. The buyer must pay the after-tax total for their purchase.

    The vehicle must leave France within one month of the date of purchase; failing this, it will not be possible to refund the VAT.
    The amount of VAT will be returned to the buyer when the latter has sent the following to the auction company
    the copy of the EXA document with the auction company's details in the Shipper/Exporter field and the following in the place and date field: declaration statement: ECS EXIT
    The copy of the bill of lading or passenger ticket that accompanies the vehicle
    A K-BIS extract from the recipient company or a passport for private individuals.

The amount of the VAT will be refunded to the buyer.

When the vehicle sold is destined to go to another EU member state and the buyer has a VAT registration number, for making tax-free purchases, the following original documents must be produced:

    Tax certificate with the EU VAT reg. number.
    Trade register (K-BIS) or European equivalent (that bears the manager's name).
    Copy of the manager's passport.
    CMR ("Convention Relative au Contrat de Transport International de Marchandises par la Route") international road haulage transport contract stamped by the carrier and the recipient buyer.

If the CMR cannot be provided at the time of collection, the buyer must give the auctioneer the equivalent amount of the VAT that will be returned upon receipt of a document proving the arrival of the vehicle in the country of destination, eg copy of the vehicle registration card issued by the country of destination:

The auction company declines all responsibility for the legal and fiscal consequences of a false declaration by the buyer.

Reclaimable VAT

For the vehicles concerned by reclaimable VAT; the recovery option is mentioned on the sign displayed on the windscreen, on the auction list and announced by the certified auctioneer during the auction.

Terms and conditions

The auction company acts as the agent of the owner of the vehicle sold and, under no circumstances, as the owner of the vehicle. The prospective buyer must check all the technical information specified on the sign on the windscreen of the vehicle during the pre-auction visit.

The sale by auction is recorded in the sales report.

The information on the auction list is given for informative purposes and is not guaranteed.

The dates and year of first registration cannot under any circumstances guarantee the year of manufacture of the vehicle and is not binding upon the auctioneer or the auction company.

Only the compulsory or voluntary inspection displayed on the windscreen during the viewing and auction, as well as the announcement made during the auction of the vehicle and recorded in the auction report will have legal force.
The displayed or announced guide price ("Argus") is given for informative purposes only and without guarantee. It is up to the buyer to check this price.

All the features and options are given for informative purposes and their working order have not be checked.

Vehicle order numbers may be changed without notice.

The administrative documents needed to re-register the vehicle sold may be delivered to the buyer immediately after payment or may be sent within a maximum period of 30 days.

Buyers, who have purchased several vehicles during the same auction, may not remove part of the purchases until the total amount owed is paid in full. Daily storage fees will be charged for all the purchases made.

Bid order

If you are interested in a vehicle and you cannot attend the auction, instruct us to place a bid order! We will place the bids free of charge at the time of the auction. To do this, simply fill in the bid order form, which you can collect at the reception on the day of the viewing, and provide a deposit and copy of your ID, or complete the formalities in the vehicle form on our website.