I do not know anything about mechanics, is it sensible to buy a car at auction?

No need to be a business or an automotive specialist to buy a vehicle at auction! Our auctions are aimed at EVERYONE. All our employees are present at the viewings (often the day before and on the morning of the auction) to give you the information you need about each vehicle. Pay attention and find out about the mechanical condition, the vehicle safety test (MOT), any points of wear, the origin of the vehicles, etc.
We are available to help you achieve a good purchase that will fulfil your needs so that you will come back in the future.

Can the vehicles be seen before the viewing?

Normally, this is not possible because vehicles often arrive at the last minute. However, feel free to contact the FIVE AUCTION centre where the vehicle that interests you is located. We will be happy to give you the information you need and, as far as possible, offer you a personalised appointment.