Buying at auction

Buying a car is an important act and buying it at auction can be an emotional moment... Especially if it is your first time!
We are here to assist you by providing the clearest possible information to give you peace of mind as you drive away with your new vehicle purchased at FIVE AUCTION.
Regardless of the FIVE AUCTION centre you are at, our teams are at your disposal to give you all the help and advice for making a good purchase.

If and when you should need it, feel free to consult the glossary we have prepared specifically for you and FOLLOW THE GUIDE to:

Check out the vehicles


We guarantee perfect transparency regarding the origin of our vehicles. The vehicles come mainly from manufacturers, short and long-term car hire companies, credit and leasing companies, estates, government agencies (EDF, La Poste, etc) or court-appointed receivers (bailiffs, official receivers, etc). We are sometimes instructed to sell vehicles by private individuals. For the terms of sale that apply to private individuals, please contact the FIVE AUCTION centre of your choice by phone or email.


Come to the vehicle viewings. The dates and times of the viewings are provided by each auction centre. Refer to the town that interests you.
To find your vehicle at the viewing and auction site, refer to its number on the vehicle auction catalogue. The catalogues are available on the website, by post on request, and on the viewing days from the FIVE AUCTION employees who will greet you.

Good to know: the information provided on the auction catalogues is a rough guide. It is not complete and may be modified up to the time of the auction.

The vehicles will be sold in the order of the list.

The words "TVA: OUI" (VAT: YES) on the list of vehicles indicates that the VAT can be reclaimed. This only applies to businesses and/or for exports. An invoice (or "bordereau") indicating the VAT amount will be given to the buyer. If the VAT cannot be recovered on a certain vehicle, neither will it be recoverable on the related fees.
In the viewing areas, the staff of the FIVE AUCTION centres are available to open the vehicles, switch on the car's ignition and provide you with all the information you want.

Choose with confidence


All the FIVE AUCTION vehicles systematically undergo an approved independent vehicle safety test. The test exclusively covers the safety of the vehicle (brakes, lighting, shock absorbers, crash-damaged vehicles, etc.) The information concerning the mechanical condition and odometer reading is given for information purposes only.
If the vehicle is older than 4 years, the vehicle safety test may require a follow-up inspection. This follow-up inspection may be carried out in any approved testing centre at the expense of the buyer. The voluntary vehicle safety tests on vehicles that are less than 4 years old do not require a follow-up inspection. The "voluntary" vehicle safety tests of this type do not replace the mandatory inspection to be conducted on the vehicle's 4th anniversary and every two years thereafter or every year thereafter for commercial vehicles.


To find out about the characteristics of the vehicle you are interested in, consult the sign behind the windscreen. It provides the following information: exact model, odometer reading, options and/or equipment, condition, auction fees, administrative costs, etc.
The information provided by the FIVE AUCTION centres is given to the prospective buyer for information purposes only. It is still up to the buyer to make a personal judgement about the latter. The absence of information on a vehicle does not mean that the vehicle has no present or past defects.


Most of the short-term and long-term rental vehicles have a service history. Some vehicles have a logbook (information provided on the windscreen sign). Feel free to ask the hostesses to view these documents at the reception of the FIVE AUCTION centres if they are not already displayed on the vehicle. 
Some very recent vehicles have a "manufacturer's warranty" that can be transferred to the new buyer.

Pay for your vehicle


The amount to be paid includes:

  • The hammer price (sale price including VAT, which is recoverable by authorised businesses on certain vehicles)
  • The commission or "selling fees" (these fees are always provided inclusive of VAT, which is recoverable by authorised businesses on certain vehicles). The applied fees are clearly indicated on our auction catalogues as well as on each sign displayed on the windscreen of the vehicle.
  • The administrative costs or "fees" which may include the preparation of the vehicle, vehicle safety test, etc)

Depending on the FIVE AUCTION centre, the following may be added

  • Specialist assessment fees
  • Anti-theft etching fee (registration fee for etched vehicles)


As with any item purchased at auction, payment is in "cash" on the day of sale or within 48 hours:

On the day of the auction, before bidding or as soon as the vehicle is pronounced "sold", you will pay a deposit to the auction company.

Payment is in cash either:

  • By bank transfer: The vehicle may be collected upon receipt of the funds on our account. Once your transfer has been completed, wait 48 hours and call us before you come.
  • By credit card (remember to ask your bank to raise the upper limit of your card).
  • By certified cheque drawn up by your bank branch, for the exact amount of your purchase
  • By cheque accompanied by a letter of credit (you can pick up a model of the letter on the spot or on our site) to be submitted or sent to us by fax or email by your bank.
  • Intra-EU deliveries: by bank transfer only.
  • In cash up to €1,000 including fees for any transaction within the EU and €15,000 for any non-EU transaction. (NB: cash payments are not accepted in every auction centre).


  • Invoice or award notice
  • Certificate of public saleof the vehicle: document that is required by the Prefecture in order to request your new vehicle registration document
  • Vehicle registration document or document that replaces the registration certificate when the auctioneer is authorised to sell "without" the vehicle registration document (stipulated on the sale certificate)
  • Vehicle safety test (except for unroadworthy vehicles)

Depending on the case:

  • Service history or logbook
  • Specialist assessment report
  • Title clearance certificate ("no-lien")
  • Pre-contract for the transfer of ownership of a vehicle with an anti-theft etching
  • Purchase declaration

(including but not limited to)

Good to know: All the vehicles have a vehicle registration document or a registration certificate that replaces it. The auction centres do not necessarily issue a no-lien certificate; document available online and on our website in the Documents to download section.

Drive away with your vehicle


You will be able to drive away with your new vehicle as soon as the payment is complete upon confirmation of the invoice being paid, i.e. on the day of sale or within 48 hours after this date.


After a period of time set by each FIVE AUCTION centre (make enquiries or consult the information provided by the auction centre where you will be making your purchase), you will have to pay storage fees ranging from €10 to €15 per day and per vehicle, depending on the auction centre.


Remember to insure your vehicle before departure! You must have temporary third-party liability and third-party car insurance in order to drive the car. You can contact your own insurance company or take out a policy with the insurer present at each FIVE AUCTION centre on the day of the auction (temporary insurance for a period of 24 hours to 30 days).
Our provider, MAPFRE WARRANTY, offers a third party liability insurance that you can take out before leaving:

  • 24 hours = €35*
  • 48 hours = €40
  • 72 hours = €45
  • 7 days = €100
  • 14 days = €120
  • 21 days = €160
  • 30 days = €180

* Prices may change over time, please check with MAPFRE WARRANTY


At each FIVE AUCTION centre, an guaranteeing agent will be available to offer you