Buying at auction


Buying at auction: what happens?

There is no need to sign up before the auction or give prior notice. Just sit in the stands and wait for the auction of the vehicle(s) that interest you and bid by raising your hand. In general, the bids rise in €100 steps until the auction is won.

In the event of a "rolling" auction, the vehicles roll in front of the public, situated in the stands, in the order set out in the list or catalogue.

The auctioneer announces the specifications of each vehicle (make, model, odometer reading, vehicle safety test, any mechanical problems, etc.) and starts the auction at the "opening bid" (mentioned on the auction list of certain FIVE AUCTION centres).

If you want more information, don't hesitate to read our section on "How to win an auction?".

What you need to prepare in order to make a purchase

  • 2 proofs of identification
  • a cheque (from your chequebook) made out to the auction centre where you are located, or a bank cardor one cash deposit.(depending on the centre)
  • Businesses must provide a valid extract of the French trade register (K-BIS).
  • Buyers wishing to export the vehicle(s) must consult the "Export" section

Must I be present to buy a vehicle at auction?

If you are interested in a vehicle but cannot attend the auction, simply place a bid order on our website. Otherwise you can bid in real time during the auction by registering with our partner Interenchères Live.
In the event of 2 bids of the same amount for the same vehicle, the first one received will be retained. Although a bid order works exactly like an onsite bid, the onsite bid takes precedence.